iBreak: Getting in sync with your iPod

General Knowledge

The situation
A customer reached out to us because their iPod was having some connectivity issues. Although it was able to charge when plugged in, the device would not sync, instead offering a message that a connection to the iPod could not be established. The customer reached out to us for an iPod repair.

Some background
The customer informed us that ever since they'd purchased the iPod, there had been problems with connecting the device to the cord. In fact, bending the dock with the cord is what it took for the two to connect.

Getting to the root of the problem
Over time, the bending of the dock with the cord caused the dock pins to deteriorate. When the pins within the dock wore down enough, they prevented sync from taking place.

The solution
We told the customer that we could easily fix the problem with a dock connector repair at a low price. With the customer's blessing we proceeded with the replacement. We tested the repaired product and found that charging and syncing worked like a charm. Shortly after that, our customer welcomed their newly syncable iPod back into their home.

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