iBreak: Front to back

iPhone / General Knowledge

Sometimes DIY just doesn't cut it.

When a Wenatchee, Wash., boy dropped his iPhone, shattering both the front and rear panels, his first thought was to at least replace the front panel himself. But once he had ordered a new screen and attempted to install it, he found that his device would no longer turn on.

That is when his father got in contact with iResQ, who had helped him out in the past. Upon receiving the iPhone, iResQ specialists found that the device was missing several screws and shields. The replacement screen that the customer had attempted to install was deemed to be of an inferior quality, lacking touch capabilities and missing the mesh part of the earpiece.

Once the customer approved the purchase of proper replacement components, iResQ got to work installing a higher quality front plate, as well as a new back plate. Specialists also replaced all missing screws and shields to make sure the iPhone was now up to the shop's personal standards.

Have a shattered front plate or back plate? Did you get poor results when trying to fix it yourself? Visit iResQ today for all of your iPhone repair needs.

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