iBreak: Dog-gone iPhone comes back

iPhone / General Knowledge

Protip: Do not ever buy your dog an iPhone. The following will have a higher chance of occurring.

When a walk-in customer from Olathe, Kan., found their device inside of a 100-pound dog's mouth, they had more to worry about than just getting it back. A well-placed bite left the rear camera lens cracked and the camera itself inoperable – the shutter would no longer open when accessed by the app.

Enter iResQ's trained staff of iPhone repair specialists. Upon assessing the damage, it was determined that both the lens and the camera would need to be replaced. The tooth-crushed parts were cleared to be swapped out, and the iPhone was restored to perfect working order. Additionally, iResQ only billed the customer for camera replacement, installing the new lens free of charge. The customer was satisfied with the results, and probably left the store with a tighter leash on their iPhone than there had been on the dog.

Cat got your tongue when your dog got your iPhone? Find the words to explain what happened, then get in touch with iResQ for all of your iPhone repair needs.

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