iBreak: Crazy iPod screen

General Knowledge

Here at iResQ one of our jobs is to make sure the iPod is all it's cracked up to be. A lot of the time, that means fixing the when the screen gets damaged. Here's a note we just received from an iPod user. As you'll see, an iPod screen replacement is in order.

The problem: A man from Georgia reached out to us because his device's screen is cracked. But unfortunately for him, that's not where the problems end. While some users find their cracked iPod is still useable, that is not the case for the Georgian. Indeed, his screen has apparently been rendered completely unusable, since the entire thing has turned a bright shade of white and the contents of the screen are constantly jittering around.

What caused it: iPod users across the country drop their phones every day, and the man who reached out to us is no exception. Shortly after buying it, an accidental drop resulted in some cracks but did not disrupt functionality. Unfortunately the second time the man was not as lucky, since the device's screen turned to white. In addition, there is a big black dot in the corner of the iPod's screen.

The solution: This is a clear-cut case of an iPod screen replacement. As the prospective customer has realized, his device is in need of a repair, since this is not the kind of problem that will sort itself out in a day or two. Fortunately, the Georgia man has been proactive in reaching out to us. Lucky for him, our iPod repair service is both expedient and cost-effective, and we should have his device up and running in no time.

This anecdote is a good lesson for all users to be careful about taking the proper precautions to protect your iPod from cracking. As winter breathes its last breaths, more and more people will be powering up their iPods for some nice long runs along the beach (or anywhere else outside, for that matter). While we would never discourage you from doing this, it's important to take the proper precautions to protect your device from the potential repairs that a high-speed drop can necessitate. We suggest taking a look at the host of Apple products designed to hold your iPod during runs. Our personal favorite is the Armband Pro, since it's both cheap and user-friendly.

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