iBreak​ stories: Self-repair leads to inner-phone destruction

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A failed attempt to repair an iPhone 4S caused one customer from Virginia to send their device to iResQ for some much needed iPhone repair. After finding instructions online, the user attempted to perform a self-repair but wound up doing more harm than good, as the inside of the phone was left a mess.

Not only was the screen broken, but screws and shields on the inside of the device were missing. The rear-facing camera was destroyed, liquid sensors were tripped and the battery connection was ripped off the logic board, dangling from a torn battery cable. The device was looking pretty shabby when we received it, as all four contacts were also ripped off the logic board where the battery connection is supposed to be soldered on, so the power-source would not be able to be reattached.

In addition to all of this, the ear speaker mesh was missing, the home button was crooked, there was no more SIM tray and no bottom screws to hold the backplate on the device. A shield on the logic board, which is to never be removed, was also taken off. Long story short, the device was not in good shape, all from something that could have been taken care of simply by sending the device to iResQ for iPhone repair in the first place, rather than trying fix the device as an amateur.

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