iBreak​ stories​: Don’t let your iPhone go out to sea

iPad / General Knowledge

Now that summer is here, you may be spending more time in the pool or at the beach, getting wet, staying cool and honing your tan. While it's fun to go for a swim or hop on a boat, your iPhone or iPod touch may not be a fan of these new aquatic adventures. Be careful when you bring it along, since water damage from submersion is one of the most common issues in iPhone repair and iPod repair that iResQ sees at this time of year.

One case we had most recently came from a customer in Long Island, NY, who dropped his iPhone in water for a prolonged period of time. Before bringing the device to iResQ's technicians, the customer attempted the infamous rice trick – to no avail. While some claim that putting a wet device in a bowl of dry rice will allow the grains to extract and absorb the water from damp electronics, this approach can lead to additional problems as a grain too often gets stuck in various ports. However, you may still be able to save your iPhone or iPod on your own after it takes a dip if you are able to dry it out properly. Here at iResQ, we've been able to resolve  particular issues with iPhones and iPods that have been submerged for long periods of time that were  resistant to the rice trick.

In such cases, our technicians can usually repair your wet iOS device, helping you avoid having to take out a new carrier contract for your iPhone and saving your photos and files stored on the device from the perils of being lost at sea.

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