Husband Runs Over iPad

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We love some of the stories that come in with iPads that need to be repaired. We received this one the other day, and when we called to get the full story, the customer said, “My husband ran it over.”

We didn’t want to pry, but we had to share this because all sorts of mental images come into play when we hear this statement.

  • Did he do something on his iPad and was hoping to ruin it, so no one would find out?
  • Did you accidentally drop it out of his bag without noticing and ran it over that way?
  • Did his kid throw it under the car?
  • Did his kids accidentally leave it on the driveway and then he ran it over?

We don’t know, but it’s fun to come up with all these scenarios.

Since we know that so many of you are probably wondering what happened when we received it. Here’s what happened:

We did a diagnostic on it because it’s free and the owner wanted to know if it could be saved.

Of course, the screen needed to be replaced. The back wasn’t so bad, but it could probably use a new one.

We looked inside, and the battery was damaged enough for it not to work.

The internal mechanisms were o.k.

When we called the customer to report our findings and give her an iPad repair quote, she decided it was best to say farewell to it.

We totally understand why.  The cost of repairing it would be just as much as purchasing a new one.

Why Ask for Diagnostics

It’s always good to ask for diagnostics because you never know what could come out of it. You could end up only needing a battery or a screen repair, and that is much less expensive than buying a brand new iPad.

We always give it to you straight. We want to make sure that you understand the costs of the repair, so you can make an informed decision.

Our customers are special to us, and we know that your devices are special to you. Our techs are trained and supervised to ensure all repairs are done with the best skills possible.

If you’re looking for a repair for your iPad, iPod, laptop, MacBook or other device, contact us. We would love to serve you.

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