Huge Samsung tablet best for business needs (Part 2)

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In the previous post, we discussed Samsung's new Galaxy Note Pro, which industry insiders including the folks over at Wired are having some difficulty making sense of. Is it a tablet or a laptop? With a 12.2-inch display, it would seem to fall into that latter category, but one look at it suggests the former. Categorization aside, though, we are talking about the ways that this device – whatever it is – can function to enhance business. The previous post highlighted an easy-to-use word processing program built into the device, perfect for meeting notes and spreadsheets. Here are some more ways the Note Pro can lead to better business.

Running successful meetings
No business is complete without frequent meetings, and such gatherings require that each employee bring their A-game. But with e-Meeting – another feature built into the Galaxy Note – having that perfect meeting is not a hard thing to do. Billing itself as a “server-less and paperless conference solution,” the program is geared not just toward helping out with meetings, but actually running them. By offering the ability to create meetings that can take place anywhere, the software enables people in remote locations to easily connect and talk business. The meetings take place in a virtual meeting room, which is equipped with the capacity to view presentations in different formats (such as PowerPoints). Interactivity is both encouraged and easily enabled through a feature that allows different meeting members' notes to be shared in real time. The ease with which meetings can be conducted virtually eliminates the pressure of having to run to a physical meeting and risk dropping your computing device so that you have to make a trip to a Samsung repair center.

And as Samsung's Aina Alemany demonstrated in a video for The Guardian, the device's capability to have four screens open at once makes it very easy to conduct e-meetings.

“You can see your documents or the details, make e-meetings or whatever you need to,” she said.

Videoconference with coworkers
The age of bring-your-own-device has made working from out of the office – and even abroad – not just possible but desirable. Suddenly small companies that had locally concentrated operations can broaden the scope of their business by deploying a mobile workforce. But these remote employees need a way to connect with the company home base, and that is where Cisco WebEx comes in. The program – which according to Wired is installed on all Galaxy Note Pros – makes mobile audio and video business conferencing easy and efficient. Let's say a sales rep for a New York-based company meets a prospective client in Louisiana. Using WebEx, the employee can simply link up the prospect with the boss back at home.

The Note Pro is a strong move for business
For the reasons above and many others, Samsung's Note Pro can quickly become integral to business activities. Tablet or laptop – or whatever it is – the device has the mobility to easily make it to any meeting, and the utility to perform at a high level once the meeting begins.

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