Huge Samsung tablet best for business needs (Part 1)

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There was a time, not too long ago in fact, when it was easy to differentiate between a phone, a tablet and a laptop. A phone was for texting and quick browsing, a tablet was for watching your favorite TV shows or reading and a laptop was for everything else. But those lines are getting increasingly blurred these days. After all, FaceTime turns the laptop into a phone. For example, the proliferation of attachable keyboards are quickly making tablets into more transportable laptops. So where do we draw these once-clear lines?

There is no easy answer to this question, but one thing is certain: the growing popularity of the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro won't do anything to alleviate this sense of confusion. Featuring a 12.2-inch display, it's pretty clear you won't be bringing this one to a cell phone repair shop if it breaks. But as to the question of whether it's a tablet or a laptop – well, that's not such a simple one to answer. Its large screen dimensions place it ahead of certain laptops such as the MacBook Air, which measures in at 11 inches. And yet by all appearances, it is a tablet. If a phone merged with a tablet is a phablet, then what is a tablet and a laptop? A table-top?

However, regardless of what you choose to categorize it as, we've pinpointed one realm where it may be the very best device you can have: company business. After all, its easy transportability makes it appealing to cart from meeting to meeting, while the sophisticated software it's capable of running ensures that its conference performance won't be lacking. For these reasons, we will highlight some of the ways that the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro is the perfect business tool.

Generating business documents
Love it or hate it, documentation is integral to businesses across sectors. It may not be fun, but records-keeping is what maintains a healthy business. And Samsung's Galaxy Note Pro has just the solution to deal with this need for documenting business. According to Wired, it comes equipped with Hancom Office, a package that functions like Microsoft Word but is decidedly more tablet-friendly. Hancom's website explains that the software – which works across Galaxy devices – provides a workplace tailored to mobility, with word and picture processing applications that easily support Bluetooth keyboards (since nobody enjoys the pesky tap keyboards that tablets offer). When using this package it may be a good idea to attach a keyboard instead of using the screen, since lots of typing over time could wear down the screen and land you in the market for a Samsung repair. The drawing function offered by Hancom may prove especially appealing to Note Pro users, since the device comes with its own stylus – stored in a slot on the side of the machine – that makes drawing simple and fun.

Tune into part 2 to read about more ways the new Samsung tablet can help enhance business. 

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