What to Do When HTC Won’t Charge

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htc-evo-4g-lte-screen-repair-1You pick up your phone, it’s off. You try to power it up, but it won’t turn on. You immediately assume that the battery must be dead, and all you have to do is plug it in.

You plug your phone in, and your HTC won’t charge still.

Before you enter panic mode, try out the following tips to find out why your HTC won’t charge.

Make Sure You Have the Right Charger

With so many phones in a household these days, some people make the mistake of trying to charge their phone with the wrong charger. Double check you have the one that came with your phone.

Find Out if You Have a Dead Charger

Charges do malfunction. If possible, ask a friend if you can borrow an HTV charger to see if it will work. If it doesn’t, your charger most likely works fine, and it’s the phone’s problem.

Change Outlets

A faulty outlet can cause your phone not to charge. Change outlets to find out if this is the problem.

Charge Without SIM Card

Some people have found that when they take out the SIM card, their HTV will charge. Take yours out and plug it in to see if it will work for you.

Reset to Factory Settings

Sometimes, a software conflict can cause a phone to start acting up. Reset your HTC to factory settings to see if it will correct the charging problem.

Get Some Professional Help for Your HTC

If you’ve tried all of these solutions, and you still can’t charge your phone, it’s time to seek professional help for it. Most of the time, it’s an easy hardware replacement or fix that will correct the charging problems. We have certified technicians who know how to troubleshoot a HTC to find out exactly why it’s not charging. We provide free diagnostics on all HTCs, so why not give it a try? It’s better than having to buy a new phone, isn’t it?



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