How you can become an iPhone photographer

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Tired of saying “you had to be there,” or “this picture doesn't do the mountain justice,”? The iPhone 4S may be the solution you're looking for. Sunsets, waterfalls, concerts – with Apple's latest iPhone, these memorable moments can be captured in brilliant colors and pristine quality.

Although the hardware of the new device opens the door for the everyday photographer to turn an interest into more than just a hobby, to really fine tune your photo-taking skills, you'll need to know the ins and outs of how to use the device's camera. Dennis Stein, an iPhone photographer, recently shared some tips on how to take a quality photo with Apple's high-tech phone during a Q&A with Wicked Local Dedham. 

One suggestion Stein has for the serious iPhone photographer is to study up.

“If people have (camera) phones they should take a course and learn how to use it. Don’t be shy. Even if you think you know everything, you’re wrong,” he told the news source. “There is a world beyond taking snapshots with your phone. I try to give everyday, mundane things their own photographic uniqueness. What we see every day can become visually exciting.”

Stein also told Wicked Local that he got his device two years ago and got hooked on what he calls “iPhoneography,” as it is easy to do and it is easy to be very creative.

Another iPhone photographer, Ted Anthony, told Mashable that users should look for pieces of something, or fragments, instead of trying to take wide-ranging pictures. Either way, don't let a broken phone get you down, as iPhone repair can bring the world of photography back to life.

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