How to use your iPhone most effectively

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As much as we all love Apple devices, iPhone users do share a few common complaints, including weak battery life. Keith Melendez, webmaster at iResQ, shared a few golden tips for iPhone users. One tip for saving battery life is to consistently close down all applications as often as possible. There are simple steps owners can take to extend the life of their smartphones in other ways as well.

Make use of Wi-Fi
The proliferation of streaming services and data-rich online applications can make it easy to burn through the allowances of a data plan. When you connect to Wi-Fi, you can limit the amount of data used.

“You don’t want to hit your bandwidth limit after watching one show on Netflix at the gym when you could have just as easily connected to their Wi-Fi,” Melendez says.

Clumsy? Get a case
If you’re a clumsy person, a case is likely a good idea. Those with a daring side can try their luck without a case – and the truth is, some simply prefer not to use a bulky case – but it is good to remember that if you do drop and damage your device, iResQ’s iPhone repair services can fix your broken phone and make it like new.

Avoid moisture like it’s the gym
It is always a good idea to avoid letting your iPhone come into contact with moisture. Joggers who like to use their phone when they run should just leave the device at home if the weather is foggy or misty. Despite what you may believe and have seen others do, it’s never a wise idea to put your iPhone in a Ziploc bag to protect it while it’s raining. If you do this, condensation will build up inside the bag and can cause liquid damage.

Time to learn about Bluetooth
The Bluetooth isn’t just there for decoration or for important businessmen, so make use of your iPhone’s Bluetooth often. It can be particularly useful for taking phone calls when driving, as it allows for hands-free conversations on the go. Many state police are cracking down on unsafe drivers who talk with a phone in their hand or text while driving. Bluetooth provides an easy solution for avoiding a ticket for distracted driving. Bluetooth capabilities can really come in handy for other things as well. For example, if you were to invest in set of Bluetooth speakers for your home or to use at a barbecue, you can use your iPhone to control the music from anywhere.

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