How to use your iPad to effectively edit Microsoft Office docs

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Microsoft recently announced the release of a Microsoft Office app for iOS, making the application available for Apple's iPhone – but not for the iPad or Android operating systems. While reviews have been mixed so far, it is worth noting how the release has spawned a flurry of commentaries regarding the iPhone's role in the office. AllThingsD contributor Katherine Boehret recently shared a few interesting thoughts on Microsoft's big move to the iPhone.

“If you asked someone on the street to name a Microsoft product they can't live without, they would likely mention Microsoft Office, the suite that includes Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint,” Boehret wrote. “Even Apple fans find themselves installing Office the second they buy a new Mac. IPhone owners have yearned for a way to access and edit Office documents on the go, yet Microsoft has kept this valuable asset restricted to its Windows Phones and Surface tablets. Until now.”

Boehret's insight is interesting, but many are curious why the application isn't available for the iPad and if leaving Android out of the equation is an intentional move to edge out the competition.

So what about the iPad?
While the iOS Office app is only for the iPhone, larger tablet devices like Apple's iPad are generally considered to be better options for working on documents, leaving many wanting a way to use the tablet to edit and view Microsoft Office docs. Luckily, GigaOM contributor Geoffrey Goetz shared a few great options for editing and viewing docs on your iPad without needing a separate app.

Goetz noted that while the released iOS app does not have a custom user interface for the iPad, the iPhone version can still be used by simply scaling it up 2x. While this can be somewhat awkward at first, it does provide access to the same features available in the iPhone app.

Another option would be to download one of Microsoft's free Office Web apps, which Goetz said works perfectly fine with the Safari browser on the iPad. Additionally, the SkyDrive app could be a good option for those already using SkyDrive to store documents. Because that app enables iOS users to view Office documents, it can be used on the iPad to download docs to view offline.

While Microsoft, Google and Apple continue to battle it out in the marketplace, there are usually ways to get around problems brought up from their rivalry. Here at iResQ, we are dedicated to providing you with helpful tips that can improve the way you interact with your favorite devices. If these devices should become damaged at all, remember to turn to iResQ for our iPhone repair and iPad repair services.

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