How to use an iPhone camera with a tripod

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One of the most popular features of modern smart devices is the camera, which allows users to snap photos and shoot videos using their iPhone rather than investing in separate equipment. But the most exciting moments to photograph are often full of activity, making it easy to lose control of your camera. Here at iResQ, we've seen many devices that have been damaged or broken during an accident that occurred while using the camera.  A recent Business 2 Community post by contributor Michelle Downs shared some advice and tips for using a tripod with an iPhone that could prove useful and help reduce the chances that a device is dropped and broken.

“A tripod is a three-legged stand for a camera to prevent unwanted movement that can distract your viewer or make your video look less professional,” Downs wrote. “Use the tripod to help steady and control your shot. It should be used every time you shoot video.”

Understanding how to use a tripod
Downs outlined the main components of the tripod, which include legs, head, locks, handle and quick release plate. Each of the three legs of the tripod will have a number of  adjustment points to extend the height as well as to alter the top angle of the shot. The head of the tripod holds most of its functionality, as it is comprised of the handle, pan and tilt and quick release plate. The head can be raised to add additional height by releasing the vertical lock that is located where the head and neck meet. Locks are used to secure the tripod's mobility as you.

Since an iPhone is not built in the same way as most cameras, people will need to use a specific mount or adapter to connect their device to the tripod, Downs explained. One of the most popular mount adapters, according to Cult of Mac, is the Glif, which can also be used to stabilize an iPhone for hands-free video watching and FaceTiming. Versions are available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 models. Several comparable products also exist, giving iPhone photographers a range of options.

Finding the right tripod mount may not solve your iPhone photography problems if the device isn't working, however. For anyone experiencing problems with their iPhone camera, iResQ's iPhone repair services are an optimal solution.

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