How to share, game and digitally interact with your iPhone

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Smartphones are all about keeping people in touch and making new types of connections. Your iPhone is capable of doing so many different things that it's probable you have not even scratched the surface of its functionality. Here are a few tips and tricks that could allow you to do more than you ever thought possible.

Sharing large batches of photos
Smartphone cameras have contributed to more people documenting and sharing parts of their lives that we might have ever imagined just a decade ago. In a recent CNET review, contributor Rick Broida explained how free app Kicksend can be used to send up to 30 photos at one time, enabling photo enthusiasts to share entire albums with their friends and family.

“Problem: You just snapped dozens of wedding/vacation/rave photos on your iPhone, and now you want to share them with friends and family members,” Broida wrote. “But iOS limits you to five photos per email. Now what? Fire up Kicksend. This free app lets you end big batches of photos, plus documents or video, to an individual or group.”

The iPhone and gaming
Most people know that there are free applications that will turn your iPhone into a remote control for your television, but as CNET's Jeff Bakalar explained in a recent how-to post, the My Xbox Live app for iOS makes it possible to use the iPhone to control an Xbox 360 system.

To do this, you will want to make sure that your iPhone and Xbox 360 are hooked up to the same Wi-Fi network, which can be checked easily in your iPhone settings, Bakalar explained. The My Xbox Live app can be downloaded from the App Store. The user only has to log in using his or her Xbox Live credentials and he or she will be prompted to connect the device to the Xbox system.

In another recent CNET post, contributor Nicole Cozma explained how your iPhone can be turned into a controller for Flash games. To do this, you can head to in your browser on a Mac and download it for your computer. Also be sure to download the iPhone app from the App Store. When the program is running on your computer, open the app on your iPhone. Using your phone, you can then select the game you want to play and the game will launch on your computer's browser while you use the buttons that appear on your iPhone screen as a controller.

If any of your games should get too heated and you drop and damage your device, iResQ's iPhone repair services can fix it up and have you gaming again in no time.

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