How to restart a frozen MacBook

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Everyone has experienced a frozen computer or two in their time. When this happens, this usually means that a program is either not responding or it is in an unrecoverable mode. In general, a good solution is to shut your computer or laptop down and power it back on again.

However, in many cases when a MacBook freezes, you won't be able to shut down the device from the Apple menu. In this situation, either force-quitting or hard-restarting will generally be the best solution. In order to do this, press and hold the power button down for a solid minute if necessary. Your system should eventually power down. Wait a few minutes before trying to reboot the computer, as this should give your device a little bit of time to rest and regroup.

When you power your MacBook back up, let it take its time restarting and loading all applications. Don't try to rush it or you could overwork it after it has just frozen. It is also a good idea to not shut down your computer manually very often because this can be bad for the computer over time.

If your computer is continually freezing or the problem happens again, it could be wise to check to see see which apps and OS add-ons are running at the time the system freezes. Installing all updates to applications is another way to ensure your computer runs optimally. And for any problems that you need help fixing, turn to iResQ's MacBook repair services to get things running again.

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