How to protect your iPhone

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While in a perfect world our devices would never break or suffer any damage, in reality accidents happen. Apple continues to make advances in its iPhone models to protect against the elements and human error, but there are a few extra steps you can take to keep your device safe from harm.

One of the well known downsides to the iPhone 5 is cracked screens, Business Insider contributor Megan Rose Dickey explained in a column. Since Apple’s iPhone 5 has touch sensors built into the display with glass digitizers, if the device is dropped and the screen is broken, the phone can often become unusable.

Many consumers choose to err on the safe side by adopting cases for their devices. The latest advances have made it so many iPhone cases are less than 1 mm thick, and many report barely noticing the extra weight or bulk. To protect against screen scratches, anti-glare film and full-body wrap films are popular options, Top Ten Reviews noted. The site also suggested that one great way to avoid damage that can occur while charging is to invest in a universal dock, which keeps your iPhone in an upright position.

Even if you take all possible steps to keep your iPhone safe and damage free, accidents happen. Keep iResQ’s iPhone repair services in mind as a convenient and cost-effective option for repairing broken devices.

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