How to pick the right iPod touch or iPhone case

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Looking to make your iPhone or iPod touch more colorful? A good case can make it look more vibrant while also providing additional protection against drops or inadvertent bumps. Some cases can even extend your device's battery life so that you won't have to find a charging outlet or run home. Let's take a look at what to consider when picking an iPhone or iPod case, and we'll examine several specific examples.

Cases provide most of their value by protecting the screen, observed columnist Robert J. Elisberg in a recent overview of iPod touch peripherals. But design is also important, and buyers should think about the size of the case and how well it squares with the iPhone or iPod body.

The Griffin Protector, one of the cases reviewed by Elisberg, sports a complex design that that only leaves apertures for the iPod's camera, microphone, loop and connector port. Cases like this one can provide a high degree of protection, but they will change the iPod's slim profile by adding a thick layer of plastic or silicone to it. They'll also hide the fifth generation iPod touch's colored aluminum finish.

If you want something more minimalist, then there are many cases that use translucent or transparent materials for a more understated look. The Griffin Reveal is essentially a bumper with a clear polycarbonate back face. It's easy to slip the case on or take it off, observed Elisberg. Still, you may want to check for dust and remove the case to clean it.

Cases with batteries and stands
Looking for advanced tricks from your case? A few iPod cases have stands that let you orient them upright for easier video viewing. Both XtremeMac's Microshield Stand and SCOSCHE's kickBACK sport t5 have this feature to go along with hard-shell casing materials.

For the iPhone, Mophie makes two different cases – the Helium and Air – that contain an extra battery inside. Each case can provide up to 8 hours of extra talk time or Internet browsing, according to 9to5Mac reviewer Mark Gurman. Models are available for the iPhone 5 and 4/4S​, and provide durable protection in addition to a battery boost.

If your case didn't fully protect your iPod or iPhone when it was dropped, or you did not have enough foresight to purchase a case in the first place, bring your device to iResQ  for our premium and affordable iPod repair and iPhone repair services.

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