How to Love a Cracked iPhone 4

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iPhones crack, so do other phones.  But do you love your iPhone anyway?  This girl did.  Apparently, she got accustomed to the simplicity of her cracked iPhone 4. She’s only owned one smartphone and has had it since 2010.  The screen on her iPhone 4 is cracked, the batteries don’t last past a Friday night out and she can no longer take any pictures because her button ‘for taking pictures’ is broken.

Also, she only has 50 megabytes of storage left on her phone so in order for her to download any new apps; she has to delete older ones.  But wait, she can’t download any since she can’t download the iOS that is essential for even downloading apps.

Her iPhone 4 crashes all the time, people can’t get ahold of her half the time because of her ‘quick to run out’ battery and her phone is just a complete mess.  So, why does she absolutely love her iPhone 4 you ask?

Because of all the benefits it provides her.

First, if she is asked by someone to do something on her phone, all she has to do is hold it up and say she can’t because she has an iPhone 4 and nobody questions her excuse. She loves the fact that she can’t always be reached since sometimes she would just rather not. Plus, since she only has her cracked iPhone 4, she is blissfully unaware of what she is missing by not having an iPhone 6.

Having a cracked iPhone can be so frustrating.  You would think the simple solution would be to just keep a cover on the phone.  Not all people do this, however.  All it takes is for you to drop the phone just once and it’s cracked.

A cracked iPhone is not the only problem that could go wrong.  In the event something happens to your phone, instead of having to fork out hundreds of dollars to get a new one, you could save yourself some money and just have it fixed at our iPhone repair shop.  This way you get to keep the same phone you have always loved and save money at the same time.  Or maybe you like it cracked and unusable like the girl here did. Everyone has their preferences. Chances are, however, that you want to be able to have full function of your iPhone.  Call iResQ to have your cracked iPhone 4 screen replaced.

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