How to fix your stuck iPhone 5c power button

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If your iPhone 5c power button is stuck, you may need to examine your hardware and software to make sure that you can fix whatever is causing the issue. A batch of iPhone 5's that were released last year had faulty power buttons due to a flaw in manufacturing, although it is doubtful that anyone who is currently experiencing an issue with an iPhone 5c has one from that starting batch. One of the other problems with that program is that Apple will first fix any other issues with the phone at normal cost, according to Ars Technica. This is not great for you as a consumer because Apple tends to overcharge for their repair services. Instead of relying on them, troubleshoot your own phone.

Frequently, a stuck iPhone 5c power button is simply dirty. Cleaning the area with canned air, a dry toothbrush or a Q-tip can help to remove foreign elements inside or around your iPhone 5c. This should be the first thing you try – no one has ever cleaned their phone so much it stopped working. 

CNET recommends that you try to push your iPhone's docking port back into alignment with your home button. This is an easy way to fix a small hardware issue without having to open your phone up and perform some at-home surgery on the cables. Plug a USB cable into your iPhone and press gently on the 30-pin connector so that it goes behind the home button. While the pressure is being applied, press the home button. After this, remove the cable and check to see is the button now works.

Sometimes you get lucky and your iPhone problems are caused by software, not hardware. Opening any application that comes with the iPhone, like the calendar, and then pressing the sleep button until the “slide to power off” prompt comes up and holding down the home button can fix the issue. Sometimes software issues will cause the iPhone not to register button presses, but this method is a way of resetting the calibration of the home button so that it responds to your touch. 

Sometimes none of the above fixes will work and you'll have to get your iPhone prepared. If that happens, be sure to contact us at iResQ. We can fix your phone for far cheaper than other organizations would, and we can ship it back to you quickly. 

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