How to Fix Your iPhone

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Since you carry your iPhone everywhere you go, it’s bound to fall and break. So if you just broke your iPhone, don’t worry because you aren’t the first nor are you last.

When your iPhone breaks, the first thing you need to do is figure out what is wrong with it.

Is your iPhone’s screen cracked?

If the display is shattered, be careful with it. It’s glass, so you can cut your fingers or your ear when you use it to call someone. It’s also likely if you continue to use it, the glass will break more, especially if you tend to stick your iPhone in your pocket. Once the glass breaks, it’s not as strong as it was before, which is why it could lead to further cracking.

Is the Digitizer Broken?

If you’ve dropped your iPhone and it cracked, there is a possibility the digitizer may be broken too. The digitizer is what using your sense of touch to do what you want to do on your iPhone. So if you tap an app, and nothing happens, or when you’re unable to drag something an app or when playing a game, it’s likely because the digitizer is broken.

Is It Just Acting Weird?

The inner workings of an iPhone are delicate, which means that that if you drop your iPhone, a mechanism inside of it may break without any visible breakage on the outside of it. This can cause your iPhone to do things that you haven’t noticed before such as closing apps spontaneously, shutting down without notice, opening apps without meaning to, and more. If you’re iPhone is just not the same after you’ve dropped it, it’s like you’ll need to have it repaired.

To fix an iPhone, it’s better to send it to a certified technician. A certified technician can diagnose the problem, so he knows exactly what is wrong with your device. Once the problem is found, he can get right to work repairing it, so it’s good as new.

If you want to know how to fix your iPhone, contact iResQ. We provide free diagnostics and low priced repairs for all Apple products and smartphones.

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