How to fix your iPhone 5c camera if it’s not working in time for the holidays

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If there's anything that can cause the hidden shutterbug inside of people to come out, it's the holiday season. Make sure that your iPhone 5c camera is up to the task of documenting the upcoming festivities. The following list of diagnostics will help you keep your phone working and make you popular among relatives when any of their phones begin to experience problems. Being able to get those problems solved as quickly as possible is a good way to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy themselves this winter season, and to make sure that you have plenty of embarrassing photographs of extended family to hold over their heads later on.

Software solutions
Apple is aware of the issues that can hit users who are trying to take pictures. A couple of steps that can fix your camera problems that have been printed on their site include force quitting the camera app, searching for the application in Spotlight and removing third-party cases before taking a picture. One important thing to note is that frequently turning the iPhone off and on again is sometimes an effective way to refresh the software settings in your phone, which can help you to eliminate any mild, one-off problems your camera might be experiencing.

Hardware help
If software isn't the issue, you may need to examine the the physical phone itself. It's always a good idea to clean off your iPhone camera module with a  piece of microfiber cloth to remove any dirt that has attached itself to the front of the device. If this doesn't work and you've tried a variety of software fixes, you may need to get the phone repaired. Doing this can be tricky during the holidays, so we recommend that you fix any issues you have having with your iPhone 5c now before they balloon into bigger problems or prevent you from using your phone the way you want to now.

Repairing your iPhone 5c camera not working issues can be tricky, so send it to us instead in order to get it repaired by professionals. Contact us at iResQ and we can perform all relevant repairs and get your phone back to you quickly, which will keep you from having to deal with the often-pricey costs of physical repair shops or the Apple Store. Because we're so inexpensive, we're the best value for your dollar with regard to repairs. 

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