How to fix freezes in a Galaxy S3

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Freezing has become a large issue for many Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets, especially during the rollout of the new Android 4.3 update. However, there are ways to work around the problem. The Droid Guy recently offered a few solutions to get a locked up phone back up and running:

  • Holding the power/lock button down for a few seconds triggers a reboot of the device. If someone is really frustrated, taking out the battery and turning the phone back on is also an option.
  • Cleaning up memory space can prevent crashes from happening. Users should see how much memory is being taken up and clear some space.
  • Running the phone in safe mode can help users determine if an application is the problem. If the device runs normal in safe mode but not when using a certain app in regular mode, the program could be what is causing the freeze.

It might also be helpful to downgrade the device from 4.3 to 4.1.2 to help prevent freezes. AndroidPit offered a guide on how to get the older firmware back on to a Galaxy S3.

First, the owner should download the older firmware much in the same way someone would grab the new upgrade. It's also smart to back up any important files or apps that will be needed, as the downgrading process will wipe the device clean.

Users will then need to set up Odin v3.09 and any USB drivers necessary for the S3. Once that is complete, plug the device into the computer. Once Odin finds the device, clicking start in the program will download the old firmware onto the phone.

Should someone need Samsung cell phone repair services because of a broken Galaxy S3, send it to iResQ, where expert technicians can fix all types of problems with these devices.

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