How to fix an iPhone 5s speaker

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If your iPhone 5s speaker is not working, you may need to have the speaker itself replaced or repaired by a professional. However, there are a few at-home troubleshooting tips users can apply to their iPhone 5s speakers in case they are not working. Following the tips laid out below will help you to make sure that it's actually the speaker in your iPhone 5s that isn't working, and that it isn't just a bug in the software. If you are experiencing muffled, cracked or distorted sound, these diagnostics should help you get your phone fixed properly.

Be sure to check for and adjust the volume on your iPhone 5s. This means going into your control center and manually looking for the volume control slider to make sure that your iPhone is actually receiving your input to adjust the volume correctly. If you are experiencing problems adjusting volume, it may the the iPhone 5s volume knobs not working rather than the iPhone 5s speakers not working. Once you've verified that, even with volume all the way up, you can't hear the speakers, it's time to to start checking to see what might be the problem with them.

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Make sure that the sensors in your iPhone aren't causing it to believe that there are headphones stuck in it. If an iPhone 5s detects headphones, it will not play sound through the speakers. Refer to our previous article on how the headphone port can be cleaned out by plugging in and taking out headphones repeatedly. 

If neither of the above tips work, you will want to restore the phone from factory settings. This will get rid of any software issues that may be plaguing your phone. Of course, you will want to back up all contacts and other personal information stored on your iPhone before you restore, but this is the only way that an iPhone can be fixed much of the time.

The people at iMore have an article about opening up your iPhone in order to replace the speakers. This is a very complicated task involving the use of a lot of moving pieces, so be sure to read the guide thoroughly before you attempt this repair. If this seems too advanced for your level of technical knowledge, or if you'd rather not sort through every single different screw used to put ah iPhone together, send it to us and we'll repair it for you. 

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