How to extend the battery life of your iPod

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If you have some complaints about the battery life of your favorite iPod, it could be worse. A recent article for The Connexion took a look at how some companies adapt their product plans to deal with the threat of obsolescence, detailing categories like cars, washing machines computer printers and Apple iPods.

Looking specifically at the iPod, the source noted that early iPod models featured non-removable batteries that would fail after roughly 18 months, requiring the battery to be replaced. To deal with unhappy consumers and a class-action court case from U.S. consumers, Apple began offering replacement batteries.

“Users also complain operating system updates on iPads and iPhones make older versions run slower,” The Connexion stated. “Rapid product launches such as three iPads in 18 months mean technological change makes older models obsolete.”

Troubleshooting battery life problems for the iPod Nano
In a recent article for U.K. news source The Telegraph, writer Rick Maybury addressed an email from reader Carol West, who complained that her four-year-old iPod Nano no longer kept its battery charge very long.

“Even when not used at all it is flat in a few days,” West wrote the news source. “I use it when away skiing for outdoor skating and when in my caravan. Do you have any tips for increasing running times?”

Maybury explained that the lithium ion battery on the iPod Nano is quickly approaching the end of its useful life, and, in these cases, it is common for these batteries to lose up to half of their original capacity. In addition, cold conditions can further reduce the battery's capacity even if it is a newly purchased device.

“At this point I usually suggest that if you have a modicum of DIY skills, you can make significant savings by replacing the battery yourself, but not this time, iPod Nanos are fiendishly difficult to work on,” Maybury wrote. “You could be in luck if you have a first generation Nano and qualify for a free replacement. There was a manufacturing defect on some batteries used in this model that caused them to overheat.”

Maybury went on to detail how the cost of using Apple's official battery replacement service is particularly high, which could signal that it is time to replace the device. However, one other solution for those without DIY skills would be to consult a third-party repair service provider. IResQ's iPod repair services is a wise option as you run no risk of having inferior quality batteries installed or sustaining any further damage to your devices.

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