How to effectively make the switch from BlackBerry to iPhone

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While Research In Motion has put considerable effort into reviving their market presence and revamping their product offerings, it has not been particularly successful so far. BlackBerry smartphones have long been a favorite for business professionals, but today more corporate users are making the switch to the iPhone.

But not all BlackBerry users have realized just how awesome iPhones are, as Forbes contributor Halah Touryalai earlier this year listed her top reasons for still owning a BlackBerry and why she would never switch: the BlackBerry's red indicator light, the physical keyboard and the fact that she just didn't think she needed all the apps that the iPhone offers. However, CNET contributor Katie Collins also published a recent review outlining her reasons for switching to the iPhone and why she would never go back to BlackBerry. She explained how her countless BlackBerry devices made her suffer through 2G “BlackBerry Internet,” which she described as so slow that it would cause her to put her phone down before doing anything because of how long any task would take her to complete. Other problems that Collins endured included the “white screen of death,” poor battery life and the need to perform regular battery pulls.

Transferring contacts between BlackBerry and iPhone devices
When making the switch from BlackBerry to the iPhone, many are concerned they will be unable to effectively transfer their contacts due to the significant differences between the two operating systems. However, there are easy ways to do this that don't require you to sit down for an entire afternoon and manually re-enter all your information.

PC Advisor contributor Matt Egan recently broke down the necessary steps to transfer contacts, noting that the “prescribed way” to do this from older BlackBerry handsets is with the BlackBerry Desktop software app. First, connect your old BlackBerry to your PC or MacBook and launch the software. Go to Device and then select Backup, which will ensure your contacts are backed up. This will move your contact information to your PC, which means the next step is to connect your iPhone and launch iTunes. Just below the main playback information window, you can select “Info” and check the box that reads “Sync Contacts.” Then, the next time that you sync your iPhone with that PC, your contacts will also sync with your iPhone.

Should any problems surface while transferring your contacts from your old BlackBerry to your new device, iResQ's iPhone repair services can get things working again in no time.

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