How to block graphic content on your iPhone, iPad and iPod

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The advent of smartphones like the iPhone, as well as the advances in technology used for iPod and iPad devices, have beneficially impacted many parts of modern life. However, the access people have to technology today has also changed a few parenting strategies. In a recent Techlicious article, contributor Elizabeth Harper explained how to block pornography from being accessed on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch – something that is important for many parents out there.

“Thinking about letting your child or teen borrow your iPad or giving them your hand me down iPhone?” Harper wrote. “Just like with a PC, your big concern is probably keeping them away from inappropriate content. But an Apple product is a great choice because of their solid parental controls and the company's strong stance against pornography – Steve Jobs once suggested that the company had a 'moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone.'”

Identifying likely sources of adult content
Harper explained that the Apple App Store is monitored particularly carefully as Apple must approve every app that is offered for purchase or download. During the approval process, Apple carefully considers their standards and check to ensure that each app meets criteria. In addition, each app is assigned an age rating that establishes an age range for which the app would be most appropriately suited.

In a particularly surprising twist, Harper noted that even the Playboy Magazine iOS app does not feature nudity. Yet, it is important to note that this strict monitoring is mainly reserved for the App Store; there is far less regulation occurring for Apple's other stores for books, music, television and movies. This means that children still have plenty of opportunity to access inappropriate content, even with the rigid moral policies in place.

Harper stressed how important it is to have a secure password set for the device's iTunes account, and it is particularly important that your children not be able to easily guess it. This can prohibit children from downloading any apps or making additional purchases without a parent's permission first. Another option is to use iOS parental controls to lock the device down so that the web cannot be accessed. A final step parents can take is to block all non-Apple programs, such as Facebook or Twitter, from being able to access the internet.

In a recent CDA Press article, a reader wrote in to ask IT pros what the best way to block inappropriate content on an iPhone for their children. A contributor replied humorously, explaining that a few well-placed pieces of duct tape should do the trick when it comes to blocking offensive images on the screen.

“Unfortunately, it also makes it exceptionally difficult to play Angry Birds, so we've had to look for other options,” the CDA contributor wrote.

Should you attempt the duct tape solution – which we'd advise against – iResQ's iPhone, iPod and iPad repair services can help clean up any damage the device may acquire.

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