How Is Your iPad Made?

General Knowledge / General Knowledge

Earlier today I stumbled across a very interesting video about how iPads are manufactured from Rob Schmitz of the public radio show Marketplace.  This video offers us a little insight as to how our prized devices are manufactured.  Not long enough to go into too much detail, the video shows us just enough to get the gist of how our iPads are made.  It’s no surprise that many workers are flocking to the Foxconn factories in search for a coveted position amongst the assembly line ranks.  The job offers relatively high pay compared to other manufacturing facilities in China as explained in the video.  The amenities provided (such as athletic complexes) also show us how this company is trying to accomodate its employees.

In time where Apple is getting flak for how their manufacturers treat their workers, it is nice to finally be able to see footage inside the factory.  There is actually a lot more human interaction in building these devices than I previously thought.  What are your thoughts on the video?



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