How Far Would You Go to Buy an iPhone 6S – Sell Your Kidneys?

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We love all things iPhone, so we often read the daily news on the device. Today, we came across something interesting and a bit…astonishing.

Two men in China (the Jiangsu province) tried to sell their kidneys. Did they want to put their sick child through medical care? No. Did they need to get out of debt because their life was threatened? No. These two men wanted to sell their kidneys to buy the iPhone 6S. Yes.

You may how they would go about this since selling your kidneys isn’t something you just walk into a clinic to do. Well, the Internet has offered people many options to make money, and apparently, selling your kidneys is one of them.

The two from China found an agent on the Internet who probably sells kidneys on the black market for people who need transplants. The man told them to meet him at a hospital in Nanjing in China because they would need medical examinations to make sure they were healthy enough for the kidney donations. The appointment was on September 12, but the man who claimed he would buy the kidneys did not show up.

This made one of the men (Wu) reconsider the plan. He called it off, and asked his friend Huang to do the same. Huang said he still wanted to go through with it.

Since Wu cares about his friend, he called the police. Huang ran away. He may be getting one of his kidneys removed right now and happily thinking about how soon he will have the iPhone 6S in his hands.

That’s true love right there. What would you do to buy an iPhone 6S – sell a kidney?

Of course, we love new iPhones, but we believe that repairing the one you already have is much more affordable. For most iPhone repairs, you wouldn’t need to sell a body part to cover the cost. Working a day or two may be sufficient, which is much less painful.

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