How an iPad mini 2 might improve on the original

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When the iPad mini was first released, it was met with mixed reviews. Recent rumors about an upcoming iPad mini 2 have sparked a review of the device's pros and cons.

Expert Reviews' contributor David Ludlow recently explained that one of the complaints about the original iPad mini is that it does not have some of the key features of the iPad 4 – most notably the Retina display. This shortcoming has led many to speculate that an iPad mini 2 with a Retina display will be launched in the relatively near future, even though the original model initially went on sale only months ago, in November. In fact, Ludlow said that many industry insiders are predicting that designs for the iPad 5 will be based off of the iPad mini designs.

In a recent Xconomy article, contributor Wade Roush explained that he was reluctant to purchase an iPad mini back in October, claiming he would never buy a device because it was too big for e-reading and too small for effective web browsing, games and photos. Roush changed his mind, drawn to the device's light-weight design. But after bringing his iPad mini home and playing with it for a week, he began to feel buyer's remorse due to the lack of Retina display.

“I've been using the mini all week, waiting for it to find a perch in my heart, but it just hasn't,” Roush wrote. “So I've decided to take advantage of Apple's generous 14-day no-questions-asked return policy and return the device. I won't be the first to do that and I'm afraid my reason is pretty unoriginal too.”

For those who buy an Apple device, the return policy allows them to change their minds … if they are able to do so within a two-week period. However, if people miss their window, they are not out of options entirely. One solution is to wipe the device and resell it. If your iPad mini accrued any damage in its early days with you, iResQ's iPad repair services provide excellent options for affordably making any repairs to get the device ready for sale.

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