Holiday season rings in smartphone repair needs

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With the holiday season wrapped up, business is just beginning for smartphone and application developers. As numerous smartphones and tablets were given as presents this year, cell phone repair shops must prepare themselves for a potential spike in client needs. Although most mobile devices are becoming stronger, accidents still happen, and ending up with a shattered iPhone on the first day of using it is entirely possible. Repair vendors must gear up for these situations and ensure that they have the parts to fix the hardware and help the equipment run at optimal performance.

Smartphones are quickly becoming a consumer's hardware of choice as the devices continue to advance and offer benefits for both personal and business use. Apple's iOS 7 and iPhone 5s are helping create a safer company environment for bring-your-own-device initiatives by providing additional security features and new hooks for organization-ready solutions, according to Forrester analyst Ted Schadler. The innovative fingerprint scanner Touch ID is the primary force behind these advancements. The Touch ID is extremely sensitive and will give managers peace of mind that their data is safe when accessed through the device.

“My take is that consumers are right to be paranoid about their personal data being snatched off a lost phone and that Apple is helping solve that problem,” Schadler wrote. “But the payoff for business developers is that they have even more assurances that data is safe on an iPhone.”

Preserving your devices
For many new smartphone owners, the first thing they probably did was search the app store and download various programs. Bloomberg cited industry research that found that 30 percent of Americans had planned to download an application on Dec. 25, following 328 million downloads on the same date last year. Many developers prepared for this trend by rushing to get updates approved and bid for a plug on the App Store, which guarantees that people will see the product. Some vendors also offered sales on their applications to draw user interest.

“One of the first things you do when you get a shiny new present is you want to take it for a test run,” App Annie vice president Marcos Sanchez told the source. “It's the magical trifecta of something new, time to waste and wanting to fill your time with fun stuff.”

Whether you're using the device yourself or you give it to someone else, there's a high possibility that you could end up with a broken iPhone screen or other issues. For all of your smartphone repair needs, contact an iResQ representative today.

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