Holiday gift guide for Apple lovers

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With the holiday drawing near, you're most likely working your way through gift lists and picking up thoughtful presents for all of the most important people in your life. Apple has a whole slew of perfectly priced accessories that could make ideal gifts for iPhone, iPad and iTouch users everywhere.

A recent article in MacWorld featured a handful of Apple device accessories that could make for perfect stocking stuffers or gifts. One accessory worth a mention is Apple's Amplifiear, a small, ear-shaped trinket that fits on the corner of your iPad, amplifies the audio, and redirects sound from the back speakers around toward the user.

Another great holiday gift idea mentioned in Joel Mathis' article to MacWorld is Griffin Technology's USB-to-Lightning-connector cables, which can be used for the iPhone 5, the new iPad and iPad mini. These cables could be just the thing for Apple speed demons this holiday season.

A nice pair of headphones is never a bad choice, as smartphones, tablets, media players and computers all have audio ports. Another Apple accessory favorite is the $10 iPic. Mathis indicated that these look just like guitar picks and are used to easily touch your devices.

All the new Apple goodies this holiday season could leave a few lucky receivers a bit over-excited. For any holiday glee that results in a damaged device, iResQ's iPad, iPhone and iPod repair services can help restore good cheer.

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