Here’s what to do if your screen gets cracked.

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While there is no good time to break an iPhone, there are worse times. Now is one of those times that absolutely no one wants to break an iPhone. 

But my screen is already broken
Every iPhone user's worst nightmare is cracking or damaging their phone. The iPhone screen replacement cost can be difficult for those who are trying to save up money. In order to get your screen fixed, you'll have to buy a complete screen section for about $60, according to Forbes.

Here are the steps to fixing your iPhone's screen
The next step is tricky. You will need to use the small screw driver that has a star shape to take off the screws that are on either side of the lightning port, and put them in a safe location.

Next, you'll need to use a suction pad from an iPhone repair kit or from your home to lift the screen out of the case of the phone. Stabilize the case with one hand and use the other to gently pull the screen out.

Keep the screen level. The next thing you'll need to do is disconnect the cables and plug them in to the new screen you bought, but you'll have to unplug them from the plate in order to do that.

You'll need to unscrew the plate, which is held in place by three metal screws.

The plate will unlatch on the left hand side and naturally come out. Now you can plug in your new screen to the plate. If any of this was hard to follow, this video hosted by Android Origin can help guide you through the process to making iPhone 5c screen replacement cost very cheap. 

But, here's a stern warning to all who might attempt to conduct their own iPhone 5c screen replacement: The odds of you messing this up are high. Unless you are skilled technician, you should probably not attempt this maneuver. Even you do somehow manage to get a new screen on there, you may destroy internal components along the way and leave your phone completely unusable. Instead, your best bet is to take your iPhone to iResQ. Our trained technicians know what they're doing, that way you get your phone in working order in no time.

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