Helping a Veteran with His Sanity Saving iPod

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Image courtesy of Flickr/Photo Credit: Guru Sno Studios
Image courtesy of Flickr/Photo Credit: Guru Sno Studios

As a special tribute to our veterans today, we wanted to share this NJ iPod repair story. We received an iPod from a Navy veteran. He told us his beloved iPod went through two war zones with him, and many times, it was the only thing that could get him through the most difficult times.

When the iPod stopped operating, he rushed to the Apple store to see if could be saved. While there, he began to cry. He could not stand to know that he could possibly lose the one thing that saved his sanity so many times.

The good news is the Apple tech reported the iPod just needed a new battery. To save money, this veteran decided to send his device to us for a battery replacement.

We were happy to replace the battery for him. It was no problem for our technicians to do it, and get it back to him quickly for a much lower price than Apple wanted to charge him.

The iPod is the most important thing to him. We replaced the battery, tested it out, and send it right back to him the same day we received it. He now has his iPod and can listen to all of the great music he listened to for years. We’re sure he is relieved.

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