Helpful photo how-to tips for your iPhone and iPad

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More people today use their mobile devices for photography than ever before, and by far the most popular smartphone camera is Apple's iPhone. As Cult of Mac contributor Buster Heine noted, the iPhone camera's rise in popularity can be attributed largely to the fact that most people always have it on them.

“Even though the iPhone's camera doesn't have anywhere near the same features and tools as a DSLR, that doesn't mean you can't squeak out some extra performance out of your iPhone to get pictures that look like a pro shot them,” Heine wrote.

How to take long exposure photos on your iPhone
Heine explained that long exposure photographs are a staple of many professional photographers, and new apps for the iPhone allow everyday users to avoid spending hundreds on separate camera gear. To take long exposure photos with an iPhone, some useful gear includes a tripod, tripod mount for the iPhone, Average Camera Pro app and SlowShutter app. Heine recommended familiarizing yourself with the apps prior to heading out to snap photos, as each has different advantages. For instance, AvgCamPro combines many photos to create a long exposure shot, while SlowShutter uses traditional shutter speed settings. Understanding the different settings and how to make adjustments can make it significantly easier to take effective shots.

“Not only will you want to take a lot of pictures from different locations, you should also try taking photos using different incremental settings,” Heine wrote. “With AvgCamPro you can start by setting the exposure to 8 pictures, but then try kicking it up to 16 pictures, 32 pictures, 64 pictures, and 128 pictures. The more pictures stacked on top of each other, the more 'movement' you'll see in a frame. With SlowShutter you'll want to try a couple of different shutter speed settings to ensure your photo isn't washed out with light. There's usually a sweet spot for every scene, you just have to be willing to play around and find it.”

How to put photos on an iPhone or iPad
Not only is the iPhone and iPad great for taking photos, they are also ideal for sharing photos. But, there may come a time where you want to add photos to your Apple device that you have on a computer, so that they can be more easily shared. According to PCAdvisor, the easiest way to do this is to use your computer to email photos to your device as attachments. However, you can also use iTunes to sync photos from your PC or MacBook, use iCloud and Photo Stream or input images directly from a camera.

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