Heat issues causing iPhones to bend

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A flaw originating in the design of the iPhone 5 appears to have made its way into over to the iPhone 5S this year. According to Gotta Be Mobile contributor Craig Lloyd, there are reports circulating about the 5S shell bending due to heat.

Reports have stated that some 5S owners have been seeing their phones bend backwards. This problem was reported in some iPhones 5 devices last year as well.

“You would think that when something like this happens with the iPhone 5, Apple would change the structural integrity to make it stronger and prevent it from bending from normal use,” wrote Lloyd. “But seeing as how the iPhone 5s is doing it now, we know that the materials of the iPhone 5s are no different than the iPhone 5.”

A possible reason for this problem could be heat issues from gaming and then placing the iPhone in a pocket. If the processor gets too hot, it could soften the metal casing of the 5S just enough to cause it to change shape. Even though last year's design snafu didn't draw too much media attention, having reports that it is happening again could prove to be more troublesome for Apple this time around.

The good thing, according to The Full Signal contributor Stacy Warden, is that users shouldn't have any functionality issues. She pointed out that a regular iPhone 5 with the same bend problems last year continued to work fine.

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