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Headline: Apple Recalls iPhone Chargers!

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Item! Apple has announced this week that iPhone 3G chargers in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Japan, and most of the Central/South American markets are under a recall due to AC outlet prongs breaking, causing risk of severe electric shock. Starting October 10th, you can order a replacement via or at your nearest Apple store. Mr. Irwin Mainway was unavailable for comment.

Item! If any other team in the NFL was where the Chiefs are now, discussion of firings would have started a long time ago. As it is, I’m simultaneously developing less respect for Herm as a coach, and more respect for his uncanny ability to dodge bullets.

Item! This weekend I met with Andy Barnes, a representative for Food for the Hungry and former Country Director for FH Ethiopia. Once again, there’s some great things happening within that organization, and I’m going to make you all a deal if you get on board. $50 off your full-service flat-rate MacBook or MacBook Pro LCD repair if you sponsor a child in the month of September. Just go to, select a country and a child, and email the child’s ID number to The next time you order a MacBook or MacBook Pro LCD repair with three-way overnight shipping, I’ll knock $50 off. How about that.

So hurry over to Apple and FH and take care of business, friends. Peaces.

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