Have an iPhone 5c headphone problem? How to get to the root of it

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If you've ever found yourself facing an iPhone 5c headphone problem, then know you are not alone. For a variety of reasons, you may find yourself unable to listen to music or videos via headphones with your iPhone, but luckily any related problems can be remedied.

First, make sure the headphones themselves are working properly. This may seem like an obvious step when encountering an iPhone 5c headphone problem, but too often it is ignored. Don't immediately assume it's device related, as maybe the headphones are defective. Try plugging in different headphones into the mobile device or try using the headphones on different gadgets. This critical step will help you initially get to the root of the problem.

How to properly clean a headphone jack
If the problem is indeed with the smartphone, then the next step is a physical inspection. CNET noted that pocket lint and other debris often becomes lodged in the headphone jack, thus affecting headphone usability. Should this be the case, you can clean out the area with a paperclip or another small, thin object. Alternatively, Lifehacker suggested using a cotton swab with the white, fluffy part removed for such an undertaking.

No matter what device is used to clean out the headphone jack, however, the utmost level of care and caution must be exercised. It's very easy to further lodge lint or other debris into the jack, and one wrong move can cause irreparable damage to the phone. There are many small parts within or adjacent to the headphone jack, and it is quite easy to ruin them by pressing too hard with a cotton swab or by poking around too much with a paper clip.

What if it is a serious problem?
Often though, a simple cleaning won't do the trick. When the headphone jack is bent out of shape or when moisture begins to collect on internal components, a paper clip or cotton swab will not solve the problem. In those instances, your best bet for solving your iPhone 5c headphone problem is to turn to the trusted repair experts at iResQ. The highly trained experts at iResQ will help ensure that any serious iPhone 5c headphone problem is quickly resolved.

No matter how careful you are with your smartphone, accidents invariably happen. If any incident causes an iPhone 5c headphone problem, you will probably want it dealt with as soon as possible. Here at iResQ, we can quickly diagnose any issue and repair the phone to like-new condition in no time at all, ensuring more uninterrupted music listening and video watching in your future.

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