Has the classic iPod come to the end of the line?

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As TechnoBuffalo.com points out, it has been about 1,000 days since the iPod Classic saw its last revamp. Does this mean that your iPod filled with songs and memories has to go the way of the buffalo once it dies? Certainly not! Even if the old-school MP3 player doesn't turn out a new version, iPod repair can be an option for older models.

“I am still using the 160GB Classic I purchased in September 2009 and, after the omission of the device from the 2011 announcement event, I purchased a spare one just in case anything should happen to my beloved music player,” Techno Buffalo said of the near extinct MP3 player. “The idea of using my iPhone 4S in the gym around machines with moving parts, on the treadmill or even around all that sweat doesn’t exactly thrill me.”

While it can be something of a pain carrying around both an iPod and an iPhone, the old school iPods do feature a lot more GB for music than any other model of the iPhone that has been released.

If the iPod happens to break, no worries. The iResQ Advantage gives people the knowledge that their phone can be easily fixed and sent back in a timely manner. Even the oldest iPods can be fixed by the team of Apple Certified technicians, so feel free to keep rocking and listening.

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