Google releases its own iPhone YouTube app

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Apple fans are excited about the new features in iOS 6, but the recent rollout of the operating system confirmed that YouTube is no longer a built-in feature, as it has been since 2007 in the previous OS. However, don’t despair: Google released its own YouTube app on September 11.

According to MacWorld, this change is just part of the growing division between Google and Apple, which is also visible in Apple’s decision to use its own mapping app in iOS 6 instead of Google Maps. Users will have to download the new YouTube app themselves. The New York Times Bits blog reported YouTube plans to advertise its app heavily to boost downloads.

While this may decrease overall users, there are some major potential advantages for YouTube. The change allows YouTube to show mobile ads, a significant change that lets the app include many videos – like Lady Gaga music videos – that were previously restricted. The app will also have new sharing and search features.

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