Google Nexus 5 Camera Removal Service

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The Google Nexus 5 is a powerful smartphone. Many people want to use it for work, but they can’t because since it has camera it’s not allowed at their place of employment. If this sounds like your situation, there may be a solution – camera removal.

Google Nexus 5 Cameral Removal Service

As much as you love having a camera on your phone, you’ll have to decide how badly you want to use it at work versus using the camera outside of work. Many people will usually forfeit their camera because they believe it’s more important to have the functionality of their phone versus the functionality of the camera.

Sure, this may mean that they will have to purchase a camera if they want to take photos, but since many people already have an alternate one, it may not be a big deal. Leaving your phone in your pocket and just carrying a camera isn’t much different than carrying your phone around.

If you decide you want to use your phone at work and lose your Google Nexus 5 camera, consider iResQ’s camera removal service. Our certified technicians have a lot of experience working on the Google Nexus (old versions). They know how to remove the camera from the phone and put it back together in a way that doesn’t disrupt anything else on the phone.

What’s even better is that when you go back to work, you will be able to show the security person that the camera has been removed. If that is not sufficient, we can send you a statement indicating the camera has been removed.

The Google Nexus 4 camera removal service takes less than 24 hours to perform. We usually can do it in one day and send it back to you. The time it takes for you to get your phone back depends on the shipping you choose during check out.

To learn more about our Google Nexus 5 camera removal service, please see our Google Nexus repair page.

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