Google brings new Chrome browser to Apple devices

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Google lovers who have an iPhone or an iPad are in for a treat, as the company announced it has finally brought its Chrome browser to Apple devices. Users with a broken screen or device in disrepair may want to look into what iPad screen repair can do to bring their device back to life so they can start browsing the web using Chrome.

Chrome will include many great features, including tab syncing across devices, incognito mode and more. It will not use the Nitro JavaScript engine that is used to help improve Safari's performance. Even so, The Next Web noted there was a big obstacle in the way for Chrome on iOS.

“The biggest hurdle that Chrome features, of course, is that it cannot be set to be the default browser on iOS devices, a capability that Apple also reserves for Safari,” the news source said. “So, while you can use the browser to your heart’s content, it will not be the default handler for any URLs clicked. That’s a huge hurdle to overcome.”

AllThingsD said Google Chrome has seen increased used this past year, with more than 310 million active users, up from 160 million a year ago. Those who want to experience it on their broken Apple device should look into iPad repair to get browsing as soon as possible.

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