Go Green with Your Smart Phone

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Over $2 billion is the estimate of what Americans spend each year replacing damaged cell phones. That is a huge number when you consider that it is equal to half of the national debt of the country of Nicaragua. In most cases when a smart phone is damaged, a user rushes to the store to purchase a new phone which costs on average $600. But for most issues, not only would a repair save a great deal of money but it would also be a more environmentally friendly option. Cell phone repair options such as iResQ offer reliable, fast service at a very reasonable price.

Mountains of E-Waste

In 2014 the United Nations University determined that over 40 million metric tons of e-waste was produced. And manufacturers are not helping this issue by offering huge incentives to buy a new item to replace a broken one instead of fixing it. But it is a well-known fact that the earth’s resources are limited and consumers need to be mindful of wastefully consuming them. Just as plastic, aluminum and other household waste can be recycled, reused and upcycled, so can electronics and especially smart phones.

Common Issues

When a user drops a smart phone and picks it up to examine the shattered screen, their first thought is usually that the phone is now totally useless. But nothing could be further from the truth. For less than the cost of some protective cases, the screen on almost any smart phone can be replaced and function as well as the original. In addition, the few buttons on a smart phone can also very quickly and easily be replaced for just a fraction of the cost of a new phone. Other common but very practical smart phone repairs include jack replacements, speaker replacements and even water damage.

Save Money and the Environment

Because of the importance smart phones have in daily life and the number of tasks that users rely on a smart phone to complete, buying new is often a first consideration. But even though the phone is complex and compact, there are many modular parts that can be very easy to replace without damaging other parts of the phone. Once consumers understand that fact, they will become more likely to appreciate cell phone repairs cost savings and their benefit to the environment. Embracing a repair and repurpose attitude in every aspect of today’s world is critical to extending the worlds limited resources.

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