Getting iPads back into the hands of students

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Sure, iPad repair is something that is important for the average user, but it becomes a bit more imperative when it comes to using iPads in the classroom. Students are becoming more reliant on having the tablet devices in class, and iResQ is here to help tackle any repairs that need to be performed.

Farmington School District is one school district that may eventually be in need of help with their iPads, as the district recently approved a plan to give every student an iPad 2 for customized learning by the end of the the 2012-13 school year, according to With the plan calling for 630 iPads – costing more than $300,000 – the school district is committing to a sizable investment.

Some of these units are likely to get damaged over time, but the cost to replace them may be more than the district can afford. But with iResQ repair services, Farmington schools may be able to restore these devices to like new conditions at a much more affordable price.

No matter if a unit's screen cracks or the docking port begins malfunctioning, iResQ's Apple Certified technicians can help students get their iPads back as quickly as possible so they can return to learning.

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