Future MacBook models could be see-through

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There have been numerous recent developments with Apple surrounding its MacBook model. One major development is the release of a new patent document which potentially indicates that future MacBooks may include a “dual-sided trackpad” that  would take the place of the traditional mousepad, according to Digital Trends.

“According to the patent document, the dual-sided panel would encompass the entire bottom portion of the notebook,” Digital Trends reported. “The panel will react to touch from the top or the bottom. The device is also transparent, which means users would be able to close the laptop, flip it upside down and still view the screen through the transparent trackpad, all while still being able to give touch commands.”

This is exciting news, and could be one way the tech giant plans to compete with the flurry of hybrid laptop-tablet models hitting the market. TechRadar contributor Hugh Langley also commented on the patent, noting that this could basically turn the MacBook into a higher-powered iPad, and the plans also note the ability to more easily turn screens off in order to save battery life.

However, as this news is strictly based off the patent awarded to Apple by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Langley reminded readers that this doesn't mean that the company has plans to act on it immediately. If this new transparent model is developed soon, be sure to keep iResQ's MacBook repair services in mind for any problems that may crop up.

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