iPod Funhouse!

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Howdy friends, happy Thursday to all. We techs here at the Q see a lot of broken iPod LCD screens everyday. It is our pleasure to take these broken screens out, recycle them, and install a crystal clear new one just for you! Well, I’ve been here for quite some time and I’ve always wondered; What could I do with these broken screens? Guess what, I figured it out. About 3 months ago I began taking the mirrors out of the backs of all of these LCD screens, be it a Nano, a Video, an iPod Touch, or an iPhone I want the mirror. Why would somebody want these mirrors you may ask? Oh, you are going to love this. I’ve made my own little funhouse at my desk. Thats right, in the spirit of the classic traveling carnival I have installed a house of mirrors to keep my spirits high all day long, even on the longest of days. I’ve got to say, it’s a hit I’m thinking about adding a few small disco balls, what do you think?

If you look really close you can see your reflection!

Have a good day

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