Free up more storage space in iCloud

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Apple’s iCloud gives you 5GB of cloud storage for free, which means it’s easy to back up your iOS devices. That space can get tight, though, and you may want to manage it more carefully by manually adjusting some of your backup settings.

MacWorld recently highlighted some simple changes that can free up iCloud space. In the Settings app in iOS, you can look at your storage options by going to iCloud, tapping the “Storage & Backup” option and then choosing “Manage Storage.” Here you can see what devices you’re backing up. If one of them is old and you no longer use it, deleting it from iCloud will free up storage space.

In this menu you can also choose which apps get backed up. Some, such as iBooks and Camera Roll, may not need to be backed up. In the case of iBooks, your purchases are saved in the iBookstore and can always be restored, while Photo Stream automatically stores photos from the past 30 days and doesn’t count against iCloud storage.

It’s always possible to back up your data in iTunes as well, which PCWorld noted doesn’t have any space limitations.

Backing up data is an important protection in the event of a lost or broken iOS device. If you break your iPhone or iPad, it’s easy to get it working again with iPhone repair and iPad repair from iResQ.

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