Fourth-generation iPad reviews highlight incremental improvements

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Few people were expecting Apple to announce a new version of the iPad at its October iPad mini launch event, but the company surprised onlookers by doing exactly that. Although some critics questioned the need for a new iPad just months after the third-generation model, Apple’s new product carries some updates seen in other recent iOS devices.

New features include a Lightning connector port and a faster A6X processor, as on the iPhone 5. Otherwise, the tablet is the same size and weight as its predecessor, and it features the same Retina display. Reviewers such as CNET’s editorial board noted that it remains the best tablet in its class, and, since it’s priced the same as it was, “it's an even better buy than it was seven months ago.”

The Verge’s David Pierce observed faster load times, particularly for large apps such as games. He noted that, while developers have not yet taken advantage of the faster chip, he expects they will do so eventually, which will improve the value of the upgrade.

Reviewers assured third-generation iPad reviewers there is not any particular hurry to upgrade. If a broken iPad or a cracked screen has you thinking otherwise, you can count on iResQ’s iPad repair services to get your current model running smoothly and save money for the next iPad that comes along.

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