Fourth-generation iPad benchmarks show strong performance

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Apple promised the new iPad would perform at up to twice the speed of the previous model, and the company appears to have delivered. Early results posted to benchmarking site Geekbench gave the fourth-generation iPad the best score of any iOS device yet.

The fourth-generation iPad runs on an A6 processor, like the iPhone 5, which is an improvement over the A5 processor in the previous iPad models. The tablet also operates at a slightly higher frequency than the iPhone, accounting for around a 10 percent performance increase, Primate Labs researcher John Poole noted. While the iPhone 5’s processor is clocked at 1.3 GHz, the newest iPad’s is around 1.4 GHz.

On Geekbench’s scale, which uses a baseline score of 1,000 (equivalent to a 2003 Power Mac G5), the fourth-generation iPad scored a 1,757, as opposed to 791 for the third-generation model. The iPhone 5 was benchmarked at 1,571.

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