For lazy germaphobes, a case that cleans your iPhone

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It's a germaphobes' dream come true. For everyone out there who gets tired of looking at the accumulated junk and gunk on your phone, NueVue is releasing a product to prevent any further unsightliness. The NueVue case for iPhones and iPads is a self-cleaning product that not only leaves your iPhone looking good as new every time you take it out, but is also equipped with fibers to help kill germs over time. Because it is also a case, the product can also help cover the screen of your beloved Apple product and keep it from needing iPad or iPhone repair services.

Testers at CES were smitten with the case, especially with its ease of use. All you have to do is slide the device out of the case to reap the benefits of its antimicrobial coating designed to kill all those pesky germs in an hour. This could prove especially useful during the flu season, as the country faces a resurgence of the highly virulent (and transmissible) swine flu.

The only downside to the NueVue case is that it's not actually a case, but instead more of a pouch. Drop your phone in the NueVue case and even its germ-killing properties won't prevent you from needing an iPhone repair.

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